Banarasi Saree: The Journey of Tradition and Modernity

A banarasi saree is a timeless heirloom that reflects the beauty of traditional Indian attire at its best! The undeniable appeal of a banarasi saree lies in its intricate designs, stunning motifs, regal look, and overall unmatched craftsmanship. Indian is one of the largest producers of silk, second only to China, and exports countless banarasi silk sarees across the globe, which has made them popular not only among the natives but also in the international market.


If you want to wear a banarasi saree for a wedding or other special occasion, Odhni has the finest collection to explore and shop from. But before you buy the saree, it will be interesting to know its rich legacy to understand the value of this six yards of sheer beauty. In this blog, we will discuss the rich history of the banarasi saree and what makes it so popular even in contemporary times.

The History of Banarasi Saree

As the name indicates, the banarasi saree was made in the ancient city of Banaras or Varanasi by expert artisans who excelled at creating gorgeous textures and lustrous brocades. While historical evidence about the first appearance of the banarasi weave is broken, the banarasi saree attained its height of popularity during the Mughal era under the patronage of the celebrated Mughal emperor, Akbar. 

The stunning saree made with the finest silk and expensive gold and silver zari was loved by the royal women and became a symbol of regal pride and grandeur. However, nowadays, banarasi sarees are also embroidered with gold and silver coloured threads so that they are available to common women.

Even in this age of mass technological development, the authentic form of this saree is handcrafted, giving it its unique charm. But if you are looking for cost-effective options, sarees created with power looms are also rampant in the market. Instead of expensive weaves, they are created using threads made of various other materials that significantly reduce their price.

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Reasons for the Popularity of Banarasi Sarees in Contemporary Times

Even in modern times, every woman who loves traditional wear is often seen acing the banarasi saree look. While a wedding banarasi saree is considered a must-have in every bride’s trousseau, you will find several other options in a range of fabrics suitable for daily wear or casual outings. If you are wondering what has made these sarees maintain their popularity from the Mughal era to the current times, have a look at the reasons listed below!

Symbol of Luxury

Owning a pure banarasi silk saree is like owning a part of our country’s rich cultural heritage in the form of a garment. Some handloom pieces like the Katan silk are considered a symbol of wealth and luxury, making them a prized possession for many.


Banarasi sarees have travelled down generations and yet retained their beauty and glory. They are considered an evergreen element in every woman’s wardrobe, so no matter how old, they never go out of style and are often considered valuable vintage items.

Quality Craftsmanship

Crafted by some of the most experienced artisans who have learnt their art from their ancestors, an authentic banarasi saree is known for its unparalleled quality. The softness accompanied by the royal look is so magnificent that it remains appealing to people of all ages and interests.

Variety of Designs

Banarasi saree designs are known for their variety. From Tissue and Jangal to Cutwork and Butidar, there are numerous options differing from one another in their texture, detailing, technique, pattern, fabric, and cost. The wide range makes it an attractive choice as there is always something for everyone.

Vivid Fabrics & Colours

Be it pure and expensive katan, lightweight and trendy organza, or georgette and chiffon that offers gorgeous zari and dye work, banarasi sarees come in a wide variety of fabrics that leave women spoilt for choice. In addition to that, they are also available in several colours, from light pastels to deeper shades, so you can choose based on what suits your skin tone and jewelry preferences. 

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When you need variety in sarees, think banarasi silk! Whether you need an opulent banarasi silk saree for weddings or want something casual and lightweight, the options are endless. Dating back to the Mughal era and originally created using real gold and silver yarn, these sarees known for their intricate details are now available in pocket-friendly options created with power loom using coloured threads. Their evergreen nature, quality craftsmanship, variety, vibrancy, and versatility make them popular among women even today! 

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