Tips & Considerations for Using the Perfect Organza Saree

Gone are the days when wearing a saree meant struggling with a heavy garment. Options such as the organza saree have made it possible for women to look ethereal in a traditional Indian outfit without any hassle.


Organza is a lightweight fabric that has grown excessively popular in recent years, thanks to its ability to enhance a woman’s curves while being highly breathable. This sheer, single-weave saree suits people of all ages and shapes, making it an easy choice for most women. 


While pure organza saree was mainly made using silk, in contemporary times, it is woven using various synthetic fabrics like rayon, nylon, and more.


At Odhni, we take pride in offering the latest collection of organza sarees to provide you with the perfect balance of comfort and style. While organza sarees look divine in every form, there are ways in which you can enhance your overall look. In this blog, we will share some tips for perfectly using an organza saree to help you make a statement!


Experiment with Accessories


Organza fabric saree is very famous and is found in every woman’s wardrobe these days. If you want to strike a balance between style and elegance, this saree is perfect for you. One of the ways to enhance your look when wearing an organza saree is by adding accessories that complement it. 


Since the saree is pretty delicate in itself, you can add a bejewelled belt to it. You can also wear jewelry in contrasting colours or add statement pieces like a pearl choker or dangling earrings to complete the ensemble.


Get Quirky with the Blouses


One of the easiest ways to add more charm to your fancy organza sarees is by experimenting with different types of blouses. Wear a designer blouse, ditch the regular blouse for a turtleneck tee or a crop top, or pair the saree with a bralette to give it a sensual and modern touch – the options are endless. 

If you want to get more playful, you can get quirky and dramatic frills for sleeves or simply go for elegant sleeveless blouses. You could also wear a solid black full-sleeved blouse that perfectly complements a floral organza saree.


Don’t Go Wrong with the Draping


Organza is a highly versatile fabric, which is why it’s used to make sarees and a range of other products like wedding gowns, lehengas, and more. While organza looks great in every form, when it comes to sarees, other factors also influence the final look. 


One such crucial factor is draping. Even your most gorgeous designer organza sarees can look unattractive if not draped correctly. The first thing to keep in mind is to get rid of all folds and wrinkles for an even look. Organza is a stiff material which makes draping it a tedious task. 


It is advisable to keep the pallu open rather than pleating it so it doesn’t look too fluffy. Use pins for waist pleats and do not press the pleats as they might look buffed up. You can also drape the pallu over your shoulder to look classy and sophisticated.


Say Yes to Flowers!


When wearing organza sarees for weddings, remember to make them extra special by giving them a floral touch. Flowers add a natural glow to every look, and when paired with an organza silk saree, they look even more divine. From wearing floral earrings to using flowers as a hair accessory, there are multiple ways to look dreamy in an organza saree. 


Try out Different Forms of Organza


If you want to find the organza saree that suits your personality and style, it’s important to know about the various options that are available in the market. If you love a glossy saree, you can go for crystal organza, or if you want something shiny, mirror organza will work best for you. Smooth organza serves the same purpose, which means it also has a high sheen but is more fluid and crisp, making it slightly understated. 


If you like unique textures, you can pick shredded or sprayed organza. The former has a crushed and wrinkled appearance, while the latter has a gradient look. If you like the ombre effect, sprayed organza is for you. Organza sarees with embroidery are also a great option. From threadwork to rhinestones and sequins, many exquisite elements can be added to an embroidered organza.


Organza saree price differs based on the fabric choice. If you want to enquire about the prices or have any questions about our saree collection, please contact us!


Choose the Right Colours


Choice of colour can make or break your look! You should always match the colour of your saree with your skin tone and jewelry. Avoid choosing bright colours as the elegance of the fabric gets lost in brighter shades. 


Organza sarees look best in pastel colours. If you are looking for a partywear organza saree, go for dark colours like rust, navy blue, or black as they look very appealing. When styled with the right accessories, they can instantly make you a head-turner. Drop by or visit our website to buy organza sarees online. 




Classic or contemporary, organza sarees are ideal for all looks. However, you can try a few styling tips to enhance the look of your organza saree. From adding bejewelled belts and flowers for hair to pairing up your saree with bralettes, crop tops, and turtleneck tees, there are several ways to be playful and fashionable at the same time. 


Keep the saree's pallu open, or wrap it around the shoulder like a shawl to try different styles and see what works best for you. Pick the right fabric and colour, and you are sure to look fabulous in your organza saree.


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